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Zagininjiinidiwag // Lógvatak (they shake hands with each other)

Shared Terrain | DesignTO 2022

How can our hands facilitate kinship between two distinct cultures? How can material objects made by the hand foster intimate relationships between bodies that live so far away? How can we share our respective territories with each other through making? How can an Aabitaawikwe and a Føroyingur shake hands? In this collaborative body of work, Randi Sansonsen and Justine Woods explore and reconceptualize the action of shaking hands through material exploration of the handmade featuring crochet and beadwork techniques. The body of work features individually made pieces by Randi Sansonsen and Justine Woods, informed by a collaborative process.

‘Shared Terrain’ is a group exhibition that fosters cultural exchange between the Nordic Region and Canada. This exhibition is structured around exchange and conversation between 10 creatives from distant locations who are collaborating with each other for the first time. 

Artists and designers from Canada and the Nordic Region are paired in 5 groups, working together virtually from September to December to create new work for the exhibition. They are invited to be inspired by each other, exploring the connections between their practices with respect to their regional locations and cultural histories. 

Images taken by Christine Lim, courtesy of DesignTO. 

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