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Beaded Firebag

Seed beads on melton and deer hide, 2021.

A beaded firebag comissioned by Peter Morin and Alyumi Goto for the exhibition The Crow and the Salmon Live Everywhere. 

Presented as part of Traversal Residency Series co-presented in partnership with the Public Visualization Lab and Trinity Square Video; funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

The Crow and Salmon Live Everywhere is a creative convergence of performance, virtual reality, motion capture, and sound, combined to make a space for your body to become a salmon or a crow. This collective work is an homage to the Crow and Salmon who teach us to imagine beyond human measures. This built immersive environment generates a new radically shared language of fabricated and assembled worlds and meanings. The artwork raises questions about the nature of movement, bodies, performance, and how these states recombine and activate new desire lines and ways of knowing.

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