Forthcoming Publications

Woods, J. (2022). Breathing Universe: A decolonial pedagogical praxis toward ethical eco-systems of knowledge. Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, Special Issue: Learning Through the More-Than-Human, Part 1, (in press)

Mills, P. & Woods, J. (2022). Beading is Medicine: Beading as a Therapeutic and Decolonial Practice. In R. Filippello & I. Parkins (eds.), Fashion and Feeling: The Affective Politics of Dress. Springer Nature, (in press)

Woods, J. (2022). I love you as much as all the beads in the universe: a garment-based inquiry into re-stitching alternative worlds of love. Fashion Studies Special Issue: Fashioning Resurgence, (in press)


I love you as much as all the beads in the universe: A garment-based inquiry into re-stitching alternative worlds of love

This Master of Design thesis research engages with a praxis of decolonial love through garment construction and beadwork as a practice-based method of inquiry. This research centres decolonial love as methodology with the expressed purpose to physically and conceptually re-stitch alternative worlds that are grounded in ethical practices and based on respect, empathy, reciprocity, consent and love. Engaging in decolonial love as praxis, the artistic production of this MDes thesis re-frames pattern drafting, garment construction and stitching methods within decolonial and relationship-based contexts. This MDes thesis (both written and visual) prioritizes, and foregrounds, all of the relationships that make up my identity as a Penetanguishene Aabitaawikwe and centres these relationships as praxis towards building alternative worlds of love that honour, celebrate and mobilize Indigenous internationalism, intercultural solidarity, co-resistance and liberation.