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Zagininjiinidiwag // Lógvatak

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I love you as much as all the beads in the universe: a garment-based inquiry into re-stitching alternative worlds of love

Swimming with my Ancestors.JPG

Swimming with my Ancestors

We Are Still Here, 2020.jpg

Geyaabi Indayaamin Omaa

Deer Hide Journals, 2020.jpg

Deer Hide Journals

Em[beaded] michinn, 2020.

Beaded Temporalities

Stories of The Moon, 2020.

Stories of The Moon

How Métis Are You?

Aaniish mnik aawiyin wiisaakdokewining?

Fall/Winter 2018

Indigenizing the Bespoke Suit

Portfolio: Press

Commissioned Work


Breathing Blueberries


Beaded Firebag


Beaded Camera Strap

Portfolio: Press
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